Butterflies & Violins - Three Course Meal Kit (Non Veg)

Rs. 1,169
The Butterflies & Violins kit includes carefully packed and locally sourced ingredients for the following:

Tuscany Salad with focaccia croutons and herbed mozzarella
Grilled Chicken Breast with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and pan sauce
Choco lava cake with a berry- chocolate centre

Your Meal Kit includes:
Hygienically packed and safely sealed pre-portioned ingredients
Detailed and fail proof recipe card
Lots of love and masterchef vibes

Here’s what we have prepped for you (110 minutes saved )
✓ Italian Salad Dressing and Homemade Croutons
✓ Marinated the Chicken
✓ Mash Flavoring and mashed potatoes
✓ Flavored cream for ganache and berry compote

Here’s what you have to do (Takes 30 minutes)
✓ Chop salad veggies and assemble the salad
✓ Prepare seasonal vegetables
✓ Finished the mash potatoes and cook the chicken
✓ Assemble the lava cake and microwave

Perfectly curated, this three course meal promises to be a perfect spread that will leave you impressed with your own self. The crisp salad greens coupled with the rich and creamy chicken is what heaven is made of. When you plate the grilled chicken and dress up the lava cake only to find a smooth shiny batter inside the cake, it’s the happiest feeling ever! This meal is perfect for date nights, family get togethers or even when you’re flying solo and feel like pampering yourself!

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