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Chia seeds are one of the most versatile nutritional powerhouses and provide a plethora of health benefits. They can absorb  up to 9 times their weight in liquid. Chia Seeds can also be added to your favorite delicacies to give them an element of  crunch, texture, and flavor.  

This product is Vegetarian. Vegan  
NON GMO, gluten free
High dietary fibre  
Rich in calcium  
Rich in antioxidants  
Rich in minerals such as Omega- 3s, potassium, iron  

  • These chia seeds are a very rich source of calcium which can help in improving the mineral bone density.
  • Chia seeds are low in calories and cholesterol which can help in lowering and maintaining the blood sugar levels.
  • They are great for preventing binge eating being a rich source of fibre they provide a feeling of fullness 
  • Chia seeds are great for hard and skin as they are a rich source of omega-fats, especially omega-3 and omega-6 fatty  acid.  
  • Chis seeds prevent premature aging of skin as they are a rich source of antioxidants

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