Krishi Cress - Stabilize Kombucha (Per 200 ML)

Rs. 280

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Beetroot, Moringa, Black tea, Green tea, Filtered water, Sulphurless sugar, Kombucha Culture.

● Shelf Life- 1 month
● Usage (or any special instructions)- Direct consumption
● Storage: Keep it refrigerated
● Benefits
● The red color of hibiscus and beetroot is because of anthocyanins which act as
antioxidants and therefore, help prevent damage and disease caused by the
buildup of free radicals.
● Extracts of Moringa both mature and tender leaves have potent antioxidant
activity against free radicals, preventing oxidative damage.

DELIVERY: We currently deliver in Delhi-NCR.

STORAGE: Refrigerate the box if not consuming immediately. Do not preserve the box for long.

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