Krishi Cress - Cleanse Kombucha (Per 200 ML)

Rs. 280

Ingredients: Ginger, Dandelion root, Indian Hibiscus, Black tea, Green tea, Filtered water, Sulphurless sugar, Kombucha Culture.

● Shelf Life- 1 month
● Usage (or any special instructions)- Direct consumption
● Storage: Keep it refrigerated
● Benefits
● Antioxidants in ginger fight reactive oxygen species (ROS) produced by the body
excessively due to high alcohol consumption, smoking, or experiencing chronic
stress, which causes oxidative stress and damage to your cells.
● Dandelion root contains a high concentration of kynurenic acid, an amino acid that
assists the liver in bile production. By increasing bile production, dandelion helps
excrete toxins into the bile which are then removed from the body.

DELIVERY: We currently deliver in Delhi-NCR.

STORAGE: Refrigerate the box if not consuming immediately. Do not preserve the box for long.

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