Strawberry Smoothie (Pack of 6)

Rs. 649 Rs. 714
LQI Strawberry 100% Fresh Smoothie Pack-
This all time favorite smoothie has plumpy and juicy red strawberries, strawberries and only strawberries. Packed with vitamins, fibers and high level of antioxidants, it helps protect your heart and makes you bloom like as rose. 

Just thaw the pack and cut it open, add the desired milk/juice/water as directed and shake for 60 seconds! All of this with:
No Added Colour
No Added Flavour
No Added Sugar
No Added Preservatives
100% fresh fruits
Net Weight - Each pack is 125 Grams

DELIVERY- Delivery of this item is separately done by the third party firm. Please expect a different timeline of delivery for these products.

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