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Unlike any other fruit in the world, Cranberries have played a humongous role in the field of family health and wellness  for years. Their unique tart and sweet flavor make them perfect to be enjoyed as a healthy refreshment at any time of  the day. As a rich source of health-boosting nutrients, this tiny red fruit can be added to any bland food to transform it  into a mouth-watering delicacy!  

Nutritional Facts Organic dried cranberries are excellent to provide your immune system with a powerful boost of  vitamin C and protective antioxidants. They contain almost all the vital nutrients that are important for maintaining  good health and have also proven to help in the prevention of severe issues such as UTIs, cardiovascular disease, and  cancer. Being an excellent source of fiber, manganese, and calcium, this miniature fruit is a wonderful snacking option.  Serving Suggestions  

  • Use Cranberries to make customized and delicious nutrition bars and trail mixes.  
  • Blend them into smoothies or add them to desserts and salads for a stellar punch of color. • You can prepare a  myriad of sauces, jams, and dips with them.  
  • Toss a little extra flavor and texture atop your oatmeal or cereal by adding delicious cranberries.  Fun Facts!  
  • According to the legend, the pilgrims may have served cranberries at the first Thanksgiving in 1621 in Plymouth,  Massachusetts.  
  • Cranberries can be used to dye fabrics.  
The hearty cranberry vine survives in extremely harsh conditions such as acid soil, low temperatures, and  insufficient nutrients. Nuts For Us aims to strike the perfect balance between flavor and health. Our main focus is  to provide our customers with delicious yet nutritious snack options that will help them to form healthy eating  habits and enhance their wellbeing.

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