Grilled Chicken Breast Kit

Rs. 569

With mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and pan sauce

Portion Size : 2 chicken breasts

Cooking Time: 35 Minutes

Equipment Needed: Non-stick/ Cast iron/ Grill pan with lid, Pan for boiling water

Pantry Essentials: Refined oil, Salt, Water

Tender chicken breast- pan seared and basted in herbs and butter; served with a spicy pan sauce, sauteed vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes. Recreate a perfect meal without the hassle of getting together ingredients with our DIY Grilled Chicken Meal Kit.

Your Meal Kit includes
Hygienically packed and safely sealed pre-portioned ingredients
Detailed and fail proof recipe card
Lots of love and masterchef vibes

Here’s what we have already prepped for you (50 minutes saved)
✓ Pre-portioned and packed all Ingredients
✓ Marinated the chicken
✓ Boiled and Mashed the potatoes
✓ Prep work for Pan sauce Here’s what you have to do (Takes 15 minutes)
✓ Finish and cook the Chicken
✓ Assemble the mash potatoes
✓ Char the vegetables
✓ Plate the dish and enjoy!

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