Khow Suey Kit

Rs. 569

With crushed peanuts and fried garlic 

Cooking Time: 20 Minutes 

Equipment Needed: Kadhai / Non Stick Pan, Pan for boiling water 

Pantry Essentials: Salt and Pepper, Water, Refined oil 

Vegetables/Chicken stewed in an aromatic Burmese coconut-chilli stew, served with an assortment of condiments. Perfectly creamy and well balanced, say goodbye to the hassle of getting all the ingredients ready with our DIY Meal Kit box. 

Your Meal Kit includes :-
Hygienically packed and safely sealed pre-portioned/semi-prepped ingredients Detailed and fail proof recipe card 
Lots of love and masterchef vibes

Here’s what we have already prepped for you (50 minutes saved) 
✓ Pre-portioned and packed all Ingredients 
✓ Our secret spice paste for Khow Suey
✓ Chopped Vegetables 
✓ Prepared the condiments for Khow Suey

Here’s what you have to do (Takes 15 minutes) 
✓ Boil the Noodles 
✓ Finish the Curry 
✓ Assemble and Garnish

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