Pesto Spaghetti Kit

Rs. 569

With sunkissed tomatoes & goat’s cheese

Serves : 2

Cooking Time: 20 mins

Equipment Needed: Saucepan, Frypan, Tongs/ Fork, Pan for Boiling water

Pantry Essentials: Refined Oil, Crushed black pepper, Water Spaghetti pasta in freshly pounded basil pesto & cream sauce, goat’s cheese, olives & Sunkissed tomatoes, basil salt and garlic crumbs.

Your Meal Kit includes :-

Hygienically packed and safely sealed pre-portioned ingredients
Detailed and fail proof recipe card
Lots of love and masterchef vibes

Here’s what we have already prepped for you
40 minutes saved
✓ Pre-portioned and packed all Ingredients
✓ Fresh batch of pesto
✓ Cheese sauce for Pasta
✓ Flavored Basil Salt

Here’s what you have to do
Takes 15 minutes
✓ Boil the pasta
✓ Finish the pasta Sauce
✓ Assemble and Garnish

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