Wheaty's - Gluten Free Soft Sourdough (Sliced)

Rs. 258

No Wheaty! Our Soft Gluten-Free Sourdough Loaf contains no wheat, yeast or eggs of any kind! Only the best organic rice & millets, it tastes and feels just like regular bread! Perfect as a toast or as a sandwich!

*Disclaimer*-Order for this item needs to be placed between 10am-9pm, 1 day prior to the chosen delivery date.

INGREDIENTS: Rice, Millets, Tapioca, Potato, Olive Oil, Flax Seed, Apple Cider Vinegar, Xanthan Gum, Baking Powder, Salt, No Yeast.

Storage & H(eating) suggestions: Please refrigerate, wrapped. Shelf life is 3 days. Best enjoyed as fresh as received. For long term storage (15 days) cut and wrap individual slices and freeze.

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