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Fruitbox & Co. offers the best quality of fruits available in town to provide its customers with invigorating and nutritious fruits in just a couple of clicks.

Anyone who’s looking at stepping up their snacking game by switching to wholesome fruits can choose from a wide range of fruits locally available to premium exotic fruits online and have them delivered to the convenience of their doorstep.

Fruitbox & Co.’s varied gifting ranges consist of gift boxes that are carefully designed keeping in mind the significance of the occasion along with the preferences of the clients taking gifting and customisaton to a whole new level.

Our vision

Fruitbox & Co. was born out of the need to deliver quality. It has previously, and shall always continue to convey nothing but the best that can be offered. There are ample ways that justify the quality maxim; Fruitbox and Co.’s own cold storage, elimination of middlemen in fruit handling and in turn providing a fair price to the farmers, collectively ensure that your fruits are an end result of great hard work exchanged at an equal compensation.

Fruitbox & Co. endeavors to effectively contribute towards diminishing non-environment friendly packaging and is currently investigating the best biodegradable alternatives to cling films because it believes the need of the hour is to change and not twiddle thumbs.

Visual Language

Although Fruitbox and Co. has a ‘box’ in its name, nothing more than fruits are boxed in here. The designs of each box are as handpicked as the quality of fruits. It has gone all the way from creating a journey that begins with customers ordering online and ends in their satisfactory assurance. The secret of satiety is sown, grown and nurtured in partner farmlands that are endowed with soil nutrition gained from receiving a fair produce price; and while Fruitbox & Co.’s fruits are a box full of health for loved ones, the packaging is boxful robustness for the foremost beloved- our planet.

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