If you’re wondering what exotic veggies to add to your pantry, here are a few options that you can consider. Read on to find out must-have exotic veggies from Fruitbox & Co. 

a) Asparagus

Asparagus is a spring vegetable that's packed with nutrition. When you buy asparagus, either fresh from the farmers' market or from Fruitbox & Co., it's best to eat it right away. Asparagus pairs nicely with lots of other spring vegetables and flavors-think peas, garlic or new potatoes. 1 cup of cooked asparagus has 40 calories, 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 404 milligrams of potassium. Potassium is good for blood pressure and asparagus also contains a compound called asparaptine, which helps improve blood flow and in turn helps lower blood pressure. Order seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies with fruit box delivery today

b) Bok Choy
Bok choy, also called Chinese cabbage or pak choi, is a member of the Brassica cabbage family. As a dark, leafy, cruciferous vegetable, bok choy is highly nutritious. It's packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but is very low in calories and carbohydrates and has almost no fat. It's easy to prepare and makes a tasty addition to soups, stir-fries, and other Asian-influenced dishes.  Order seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies with fruit box delivery today

c) Zucchini

If you are looking for a way to lose weight healthily, it’s time for you to learn about the health benefits of zucchini. It plays a big role in weight loss while boosting the nutrient content of your diet. Moreover, it possibly helps enhance vision and prevent all the diseases that occur as a result of vitamin C deficiency like scurvy, sclerosis, and easy bruising. Zucchini may help to treat asthma – one of its many benefits – and has a high content of vitamin C, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. It contains a significant amount of potassium, folate, and vitamin A, all of which are important for good health. When eaten regularly, it can effectively lower your homocysteine levels. Order seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies with fruit box delivery today

d) Bell Peppers

Bell peppers, also known as sweet pepper or capsicum are basically peppers of less pungent varieties that are available in different colors such as yellow, red, green, purple and orange. These plump, bell-shaped vegetables were cultivated more than 900 years ago in the south and central America and were given the name pepper by the European colonizers of North America. These can easily grow in different types of climate. Sweet bell peppers are a great combination of tangy taste and crunchy texture. These are scientifically known as Capsicum annuum and belong to the category of nightshade (solanaceae) family of plants consisting of chilli pepper, cayenne pepper, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. Green and purple peppers are slightly bitter in taste whereas red, yellow and orange have a sweeter and fruity taste. The substance ‘capsaicin’ which controls hotness in peppers is present in very small amounts in bell peppers making it less ‘hot’. Though they are available throughout the year, they are most abundant and tasty in the summers. The content of vitamin C and carotenoid also increases when the pepper is at the peak of its ripeness. These colourful and attractive vegetables are enjoyed all over the world in a variety of cuisines. Order seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies with fruit box delivery today

e) Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomatoes are intensely nutritious plant food. The benefits of consuming different types of fruit and vegetables are impressive, and cherry tomatoes are no different. As the proportion of plant foods in the diet increases, the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer decreases. There are different types and sizes of tomato, and they can be prepared in different ways. Cherry tomatoes have higher beta-carotene content than regular tomatoes. High fruit and vegetable intake are also linked to healthy skin and hair, increased energy, and lower weight. Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables significantly decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality. Order seasonal and exotic fruits and veggies with fruit box delivery today